dr-tuba-buyukozerhas excelled in creating good looking and striking smiles yet she is devoted to sustain a healthy teeth constitution. She is accepting patients in Bin Arab Dental Centre Branch, Fairmont Dubai.

With the employment of state of the art dental practices and methods she is focused on providing composite and ceramic restorations and treatments predominantly in aesthetic dentistry field.

Dr. Buyukozer was awarded with PhD degree in 2009 in her young ages. She has presented several researches in international dental congresses and has published articles in prestigious dental journals. She regularly participates in dental congresses as a presenter which helps her network with almost all the dentists from all around the world, exchange experiences and keep theoretical knowledge up-to-date.

She is an active member of International Association for Dental Research (IADR) and a member of Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry in Turkey (EDAD).

She recently joined to Bin Arab Dental Center 's Jumeirah Branch and merged with a team of qualified and skilled doctors soon after she was awarded with her PhD in Conservative Dentistry.

Below is a brief list of Practice fields in which she stands out and specializes: